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CCcam to Oscam
Here you can download instructions how to put your c-line into Oscam and make SKY work again

look in the attachment.

have fun

Oscam  Huh Open Source Conditional Access Module  Cool

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.docx   C-line in Oscam.docx (Size: 160.14 KB / Downloads: 337)
if you use a different image you will probably need a different port number.

you can find this in:  Oscam.config rightklik the file and look for this -

[webinf]       = 8081            Or any other poort number your image uses

if i remember good VTI uses 8888.

Cool Big Grin
Hi There

Hope I find you all well,

I bought a spiderbox  6000 hd  which was great at the price. but after my old dreambox doesn't do much. The question is can oscam  run on this if so any advise would be a great help 

Regards Steve
I don’t think this spider box can run Oscam. You need a E2 Linux receiver for that. Like a VU+ or Gigableu

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